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Greater Southern Kudu


Known as the Grey Ghost, the Greater Kudu is a large antelope commonly found in wooded areas across Eastern and Southern Africa.

They have a grey coat with white stripes and the males have majestic spiral horns that can grow up to 73" in length.

Males weigh between 190 and 230 kg and females between 120 and 210 kg

Minimum Roland ward is 54" measured along the Spiral of the horn. 

Male ≤ 40"           $1200
Male ≤ 48"           $1700
   Male ≤ 53 6/8"      $2300 
Male ≤ 57 7/8"      $3500
      Male ≥ 58"          $4500     
Female             $ 850

Blue Wildebeest


The Blue Wildebeest  or Brindled Gnu is a large bodied antelope and one of the two species of Wildebeest found in South Africa.

Both males and females grow horns and have a slate grey coat with darker lines vertically.

Males weigh between 230 and 275 kg 

Minimum Roland ward is 28 4/8" 

Male ≤ 28 4/8"           $830
Male ≥ 28 4/8"           $950
Female                      $ 830


Golden Wildebeest

WhatsApp Image 2024-02-18 at 12.32.49_e782f5b3.jpg

The Golden wildebeest are unusual and rare, and are generally only seen on private reserves. Their colouring is due to a recessive gene in Blue Wildebeest. It is a large bodied antelope and one of the two species of Wildebeest found in South Africa.

Both males and females grow horns and have a slate grey coat with darker lines vertically.

Males weigh between 230 and 275 kg 

Minimum Roland ward is 28 4/8" 

Male ≤ 28 4/8"           $3800
Male ≥ 28 4/8"           $4500
Female                      $ 3100


Impala (Southern)


The Impala or Rooibok is a medium bodied antelope found in abundance South Africa.

Only males grow horns and the reddish-brown coat with lighter shaded stripes horizontally down its side gave it its name of Rooibok (translated directly as Red buck)

Males weigh between 40 and 75 kg and Females between 30 and 50kg

Minimum Roland ward is 23 6/8" 

Male ≤ 23 6/8"           $275
Male ≥ 23 6/8"           $400
Female                      $ 250


Impala (Black)

Balck impalas.jpeg

The Black Impala or Swart Rooibok is rare color morph  found  only on certain farms in South Africa.

Only males grow horns and striking black coat makes for a sought after trophy by hunters

Males weigh between 40 and 75 kg and Females between 30 and 50kg


Male ≤ 23 6/8"           $1250
Male ≥ 23 6/8"           $1350
Female                      $ 1050


Impala (Saddleback)

Saddleback Ram

The Saddleback Impala is not a subspecies, but is very rare color morph only bred in South Africa and only found on certain farms.

Only males grow horns and striking black coat makes for a sought after trophy by hunters

Males weigh between 40 and 75 kg and Females between 30 and 50kg


Male ≤ 23 6/8"           $1500
Male ≥ 23 6/8"           $1950
Female                      $ 1250




The Nyala antelope is a beautiful bush dwelling spiral horned species  native to Southern Africa.

Only males grow horns and  have a dark grey coat with white vertical stripes.

Males weigh between 90 and 125 kg and Females are much smaller and weigh around 60kg.

Interesting fact is that while male Nyala are referred to as bulls, the females are referred to as ewes, due to their body size. 

Minimum Roland Ward for Nyala is 27" 

Male ≤ 27"           $1400
Male ≥ 27"           $1600
Female                $ 1400


Mountain Reedbuck

WhatsApp Image 2024-02-18 at 13.12.40_a2e08df7.jpg

The mountain reedbuck is an antelope found in mountainous areas of much of sub-Saharan Africa.

The mountain reedbuck is smaller than the common or southern reedbuck and has smaller horns. The horns of the common reedbuck also angle outwards.

Male ≤ 6"           $690
Male ≥ 6"           $900
Female                $ 590


Livingstone Eland


The  Eland is the largest antelope, it is a spiral horned species  and the Livingstone Eland is slightly larger inbody that the Cape (common) Eland

Both males and Females grow horns and  bulls and cows start off a creamy yellow-brown but bulls tend to turn grey with age.

Males can  weigh over 1100 kg and Females  around 600kg.

Minimum Roland Ward for Livingstone Eland is 35" 

Male ≤ 35"           $2800
Male ≥ 35"           $3100
Female                 $ 2400



Bushbuck Ram

The  Bushbuck is a medium sized antelope, and yet another spiral horned species. They are solitary animals most frequently found in dense wooded areas.

Males  grow horns and  rams tend to be a darker brown than ewes.

Males weigh between 44 and 70 kg 

Minimum Roland Ward for Bushbuck  is 15" 

Male ≤ 15"           $980
Male ≥ 15"           $1200
Female                 $800




The Waterbuck is a large antelope, commonly found in areas where water abounds, hence the name. Lovingly refered to as "Ringgat" or Ringed arse, (The reason why can be clearly seen in the photo), these antelope have a delicious meat, but they have to be slaughtered very carefully, as they have a gland that secretes an oily substance over their fur, which will spoil the meat if it accidentally touches it.

Only Bulls grow horns and are typically quite a bit larger in body than the cows.

Males weigh between 200 and 300 kg and females between 160 and 200kg

Minimum Roland Ward for Waterbuck  is 28" 

Male ≤ 28"           $1950
Male ≥ 28"           $2100
Female               $970



Photo 2021-02-15, 19 23 54_edited.jpg

The Bushpig is largely a nocturnal animal and this is a rare photograph of them visiting a watering hole during daytime.

Probably one of the most elusive species to take on a bow and mostly done over feed at night with artificial lighting.

Males weigh between 46 and 82 kg and females between 48 and 66kg.

Minimum Roland Ward for Bushpig is 6" 

Male ≤ 6"           $420
Male ≥ 6"           $500
Female               $350
0n the feed (must be requested a month prior)

Male 5.1/2"       $620
Male ≥ 5.1/2"        $690
Female                $620



The Warthog is commonly found on most farms in South Africa and remains one of the most favored African Trophies

Being renowned for their ability to string jump, it remains a challenge to hunt with a bow.

They are day animals and spend most of their day foraging for food. At night they sleep in a burrow that they enter tail first

Males weigh between 60 and 100 kg and females between 45 and 70kg.

Minimum Roland Ward for Warthog is 13" 

Male ≤ 13"           $275
Male ≥ 13"           $450
Female               $275


Red Hartebeest


With its Handlebar shaped horns, Long narrow face and sloping back, the Red hartebeest is probably one of the strangest looking antelope common to Southern Africa.


Males of this large antelope species can weigh up to 150kg, while females weigh around 120 kg.


Both bulls and cows sport heavily ringed  horns.


The Roland Ward minimum for Red Hartebeest is 23"

Male ≤ 23"           $1400
Male ≥ 23"           $1500
Female               $1250


Burchell's Zebra


Is it  white with black stripes of black with white stripes, no matter which, the skins of these wild "horses" are still one of the most prized trophies out of Africa


Males of the species  weigh between 300 and 320kg.

Interesting fact is that the skins of the mares actually make nicer rugs than those of the stallions, as the Stallions are constantly fighting and biting , causing blemishes on the skin.

Male                  $760
Female               $760




The Common Blesbok is one of the most abundant antelope in South Africa and while mainly found on the plains, they also flourish in the South African  bushveld


Rams and ewes of the species are very similar in build and can weigh up to 85kg.

Both sexes grow horns and it is often difficult to discern between male and female, with only the girth of the horn bases being thicker amongst rams.

Minimum Roland Ward for Blesbok is 16 4/8"

Male                  $400
Female               $400




Baboons are diurnal and terrestrial, but sleep in trees, or on high cliffs or rocks at night, away from predators. They are found in open savannas and woodlands across Africa. They are omnivorous and their diet consists of a variety of plants and animals. Their principal predators are Nile crocodilesleopardslions and hyenas. Most baboons live in hierarchical troops containing harems. Baboons can determine from vocal exchanges what the dominance relations are between individuals.

Male                  $175
Female               $175



caracal resized_edited.jpg

The caracal is a medium-sized wild cat native to Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, and arid areas of Pakistan and northwestern India. It is characterized by a robust build, long legs, a short face, long tufted ears, relatively short tail, and long canine teeth.

They are largely nocturnal, but some activity will occur during the day.

Male                  $250
Female               $250


Common Duiker


The common duiker, also known as the gray duiker or bush duiker, is a small, shy antelope with only the males having short horns. IT is found everywhere in Africa south of the Sahara, excluding the Horn of Africa and the rainforests of the central and western parts of the continent

Male    ≤ 4 1/2"     $230
Male    ≥ 4 1/2
"     $260



The klipspringer is a small, sturdy antelope; it reaches 43–60 centimetres (17–23+1⁄2 inches) at the shoulder and weighs from 8 to 18 kilograms (18 to 40 pounds). ...

Male    ≤ 4 1/8"     $1100
Male    ≥ 4 1/8
"     $1400



The Steenbok are probably the most abundant small antelope occurring in South Africa. Steenbok are petite antelope, with long legs and an upright stance. The coat is a light golden-brown color, although there is some variation among individuals. They are distributed widely throughout the country and considered a common species.

Steenbok drink very rarely, obtaining their moisture requirements from the food they ingest. To escape danger, Steenbok may even hide in the burrows of Aardvark. Adults can vary from 7 to 16 kgs in mass. Females can reach sexual maturity as young as 6 months and males at 9 months of age.

Male    ≤ 4 1/2"     $310
Male    ≥ 4 1/2
"     $360

Cape Buffalo


This  member  of the African Great Five is probably one of the most dangerous animals to hunt with a bow.


Both sexes grow horns and with a big male bull, or "Daggaboy" as they are often referred to, weighing in at up to 900kg of pure aggression it is considered to be one of the most dangerous animals if wounded.

Minimum Roland Ward for Cape buffalo is 64"

Prices on Request Only


Sable Antelope


For centuries the beautiful scimitar horns and black coat of the Sable antelope bull has been one of the most sought after trophies for all hunters visiting Africa.

These large and handsome bulls can weigh up to 220kg and the glossy black coat and white facial markings are something to behold.

Minimum Roland ward measurement for a Sable is 42"

Prices on Request Only




These gentle giants of the African bush with their beautiful brown and yellow coat  are the tallest animals in the world and can reach up to 5.5m in length.

Bulls are generally larger than cows and can weigh up to 1200kg with females weighing between 800 and 900kg

Very popular as either a full mount or a shoulder mount trophy, they are abundant in South Africa and a challenge to take with a bow


Prices on Request Only


Nile Crocodile


These Ancient reptilians  take a lot of preparation and patience to hunt with a bow.

While most adults average between 2 and 3m long they can grow up to an astounding 5,5m long.


Roland ward minimum for Nile Crocodile is 13.5 feet

Prices on Request Only


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